Marisa Tenri

  • Race: Lalafell

  • Job: Red Mage

  • Age: 20

(this is pretty old, I made this all up on the fly once, and I don't consider myself that great at writing, but it was fun at the time)Ul'Dahn orphan of origins unknown, she bears a name her guardians thought befitting her personality of a somewhat eccentric kid, in spite of the world for her lack of a more normal childhood.A rather clumsy yet clever teen, grown into a sarcastic, but gentle girl when given enough care allowing her to build trust, though she has always been more of a loner, even while having been around children sharing a similar fate, unable to properly warm up quite as easily as her peers due to her bored outlook on that life she felt stuck with.Tired of the monotony at her caretakers', she decides to take up adventuring after stumbling on a book in their archives, inspired by clues about the outside world she'd never been let known of, and begins asking around the place along with the surrounding areas in the capital for opinions over her idea.The ambitious girl would be getting scoffed at around every corner of the city, naive as she was about her goals, until meeting a seasoned Red Mage who ought to listen to her enthusiasm, willing to mentor her over the dangers of her envisioned occupation, as he slowly got caught under her spell.Provided with her first rapier at 15 years old, they went over the basics of weaving fencing with simplistic red magic over a couple of years under his teachings, her small stature permitting enhanced agility and dexterity with the pointy blade, not without some trouble due to a lessened aether pool, along with the very foundations of survival in the wild.Her tutor parted ways with her to take care of personal business, after refusing to let her come with for her own safety, shortly after teaching all that she could stomach in that short period of time.
He would entrust her with the challenge to look out for him again on her own, and advise her to make companions with others of similar skill in order to grow in strength.
Marisa would quickly become fond of the feeling of versatility she had been granted, able to take on a variety of roles where she is needed, though only able to wield lower class red spells and weapon skills at current. She now enjoys the bumpy ride of being a vagabond woman, helping those in need when the situation calls for it, and exploring every nook and cranny of the land surrounding her, seek any opportunity at adrenaline she can latch on, all the while attempting to better her master's gifts.